Top Ten DVD List for September 19, 2017 


This Week’s DVD Releases

by Kam Williams

Top Ten DVD List for September 19, 2017 

Top Ten, DVD list, Ken Burns PBS Documentary, Wonder Woman                     

The Vietnam War [Ken Burns PBS Documentary]

Wonder Woman [Diana Discovers Her Powers and Her Destiny]

The Big Sick [An Awkward True Story]

The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson: Johnny & Friends [10 DVD Set]

Empire: Season 3 [Their Reign. Their Rules]

Germans & Jews [History Is the Memory of a People]

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie [A Tighty-Whitey Superhero]

The Hero [Western Icon Makes a Comeback]

The Stopover [French GIs Unwind in Cyprus after Serving in Afghanistan]

Glory [Bulgarian Blue-Collar Drama]

Honorable Mention

Hana-Bi [Newly-Restored Japanese Yakuza Masterpiece]

Love by the 10th Date [The Race Is On for Real Love]

The Heart Guy: Series 1 [His Life Just Skipped a Beat]

This Is Us: Season 1 [This Is Cool. This Is Love. This Is Life]

Iron Protector [A Classic Martial Arts Beatdown]

Blaze and the Monster Machines [Wild Wheels Escape to Animal Island]

Chicago Justice: Season 1 [State Prosecutor’s Relentless Pursuit of Justice]

Chicago Med: Season 2 [Lives Are on the Line at Busy Trauma Center]

Chicago P.D.: Season 4 [Crack Intelligence Unit Tackles Tough Cases]

Chicago Fire: Season 5 [Firehouse 51 Confronts Explosive Issues]

Body of Deceit [Lust, Love, Murder]

Odd Squad Villains [Best of the Worst]



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