The Summer Oasis in Your Own Backyard


The Summer Oasis in Your Own Backyard

by Amy Lignor


Once summer comes, warmth, relaxation and outdoor fun come right along with it. Your own backyard can literally be transformed into that paradise or oasis you crave all those long, winter months when the snow has buried everything bright, green and healthy.


Think about those images in your mind… Surrounding yourself with colorful blooms. Relaxing under a shady retreat while
backyard transformation, paradise, oasis, summertimelistening to the bubbling noises of a nearby garden fountain. Breathing in the summer fragrances that fill the backyard. Nope. You can’t go wrong with any of those ideas, and you can implement them just as easily.


Let’s begin with those hardy bloomers that all garden paradises should own. It’s important to plant beautiful flowers that thrive in high temperatures with nonstop blooms. Tough perennials, take asters, for instance, are perfect summer plants that brighten up any corner of the garden. When it comes to these particular daisy-like blooms, you can view the colors of lavender, pink or white, and they will continue to bloom throughout the fall. Add in some dahlia plants, and these specific bright orange and red blooms that love the summer heat will add extra color all around. If wanting to add a splash of yellow to it all, choose the “fluffy” yellow coreopsis plant. Tall stems and layered flower heads make for brilliant bouquets and will give you an unforgettable vista to look at.


But what about that heat? Is a tree enough shade to make you want to stay outside and not run for air conditioning? Well…you have to sit down and think about that perfect garden plan. You could add a colorful vine, like the morning glory, to create your very own pergola. Its ability to grow fast in the summer will provide you with lush foliage that will turn into the perfect “vine roof” for your pergola in no time. In order to create this work of art, simply plant the vine at the base of each post and watch it naturally grow towards the sun. These are fast climbers and become extremely thick, making your pergola a perfect focal point for your own backyard oasis. Remember, too, that if you’re looking to host a backyard summer party, adding outdoor lights to the pergola you create will make this a very inviting spot for all your guests.

Adding even more color can be done by enveloping your already-there patio. By surrounding a stone patio with summer blooming bushes, like hydrangeas and fuchsia, you will add color, warmth and beauty to the backyard. Smoke bush, which is another summer bloomer, looks absolutely stunning around a patio, offsetting the gray stones with radiant purple flowers. Again, we’re talking fast-growing and a bush that is resistant to most all disease, making it a must-have item for the garden.


If hanging plants are also something you wish to add in order to make that “normal” garden into a radiant paradise, go out there and get some. Continuing to water your plants every three days during the summer and spring, changing to one time per week during the fall and winter months, will perhaps be that final touch you need to transform your garden into the “only” place in the world you want to be.


Then…fire up that BBQ, people. It’s summertime!

Source:  Baret News


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