Excitement Builds as Earth Day 2018 Approaches

Although each day we learn more and more about the carbon footprint we are making, and each day we try to save this planet for the next generation by monitoring and changing our own bad habits, there is still a great deal of work to do. And even though the Earth Day Network spends 365 days a year tackling the problems and making

Earth Day 2016: Celebrating the Trees!

  Earth Day 2016: Celebrating the Trees! by Amy Lignor   2016 is quite a year for celebration when it comes to the world around us; the need for celebration, that is. When it comes to response time for worldwide emergencies—climate change, the horrific water situation in Rio that the Olympians will have to deal […]

Earth Day: A Rock n’ Roll Beginning

  Earth Day: A Rock n’ Roll Beginning by Amy Lignor   Every year, April 22nd marks the birth of the environmental movement that occurred in the year 1970. Today, in 2016, most all humans no longer wear blinders where the dangers of a dying planet are concerned. Even though a small percentage still sees […]


REBELS WITH A CAUSE How a small regional battle over land grew into American’s legacy of  National Seashores, Parks and Recreation Areas. It was fight that went all the way to the White House. Twice. How did they do it? A one hour documentary premiering on PBS stations during April, in celebration of Earth Day. […]

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