Spotting the Wild Animal in the U.S. of A.


Spotting the Wild Animal in the U.S. of A.

by Amy Lignor


There are many camping spots, zoos, parks, and outdoor paradises across the globe; locales where wild animals roam and humans can get close to these amazing creatures. One of the most beautiful and wild animals, rare, endangered species, American safari, Sonoma, American Serengeti, Maine, Safari Wilderness Ranch, California talked about lies near Canterbury, Kent in the United Kingdom. Opened as a private zoo in 1957, this odd collection is known by many for being one of the most unorthodox. Breeding rare and endangered species, this particular location plays home to gorillas that are the finest in the world.


But the U.S. is not left out of this particular category. In fact, there are parks in the U.S. where wild animals can be spotted, picnicked with, and more. Now that the rare and endangered species are appearing more often in the headlines, it’s time to show Americans where they can go to have a great time while spending time with and learning more about some truly incredible species.


Having an “African safari” is on many people’s “to do” list when it comes to vacations, but the “American safari” is less money, and offers prime spots:


If looking for a Western Safari, Sonoma, Arizona, is a stunning place to visit. Although wine tasting is a large part of the area, a 400-acre wildlife reserve known as Safari West is a fantastic place for the humans to roam and get up close and personal with the wildlife drifting all around. The two main goals of the reserve are conservation and breeding, focusing on animals such as cheetahs, wildebeest, and giraffes that are allowed to roam free. Elevated safari-style tents are an option for visitors to stay in as well, so they can spot everything from their “nature high-rise” or from the seats in an open-air vehicle.


If looking for moose, Maine boasts the Maine Moose Watching Tours out of Greenville, located on Moosehead Lake. This is an area forty miles long and ten miles wide where over 70,000 moose roam. And when they venture out to lick salt from the roads, visitors can spot and study them in full view during the springtime.


People wish to see the Serengeti and the animals wandering there, but even the U.S. offers up the American Serengeti set in Lamar Valley. Receiving the title of “Serengeti” this spot is full of wildlife; from wolves to bison to bighorn sheep, elk and more, Xanterra’s Parks & Resorts offers guided travels at dusk and photo safaris.


For those who are fans, supporters and providers for the endangered wolf, in Northeastern Minnesota wolf-spotting is a sure thing. The U.S. Head to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCAW), as well as Voyageurs National Park, are the two best places to witness the stunning creatures in their natural habitat. In the Superior National Forest, BWCAW takes up over 1+ million acres filled with lakes, rivers, and streams, where the ultimate wolf spotting can be enjoyed.


A Buffalo Bills football fan can also enjoy the Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour at Custer State Park. Wildlife is beyond abundant here, with buffalo, pronghorns, and more residing within the 71,000 acres. From taking a guided tour in an open-air jeep to taking a self-drive on Wildlife Loop Road, fans and vacationers will see many creatures pop up to say hello.


For those who want to visit California and see some creatures, the Bobcat Safari along the Point Reyes National Seashore is there. The star attraction at this location is the American bobcat. Although many have also experienced the spotting of coyotes and a mountain lion here and there.


Add in the Safari Wilderness Ranch, a park that covers 260 acres where visitors can ride in a safari vehicle, crossing wetlands and grasslands to spot the roaming zebra, kudu, water buffalo and ring-tailed lemurs; the Bison Safari on Catalina Island; and, the wild elk roaming the Cataloochee Valley in Great Smoky Mountains National Park in North Carolina.


When you wish to spend time with the great wildlife roaming the U.S. of A. these locales are the best places to visit!

Source:  Baret News


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