NFL Free Agency: Shock Remains with Brock


NFL Free Agency: Shock Remains with Brock

by Amy Lignor


Broncos win the Super Bowl! The Sheriff plays his last rodeo and walks away with a brand new ring that matches his number of championships won with his younger brother Eli’s, making it four now that the Manning clan has won. However…

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During last season it was quite clear to everyone (including Peyton Manning) that Peyton Manning was not going to be around much longer. The man was getting too old for the job and if he hadn’t had that best defense out there with him, chances were slim that he would have come away from the Super Bowl victorious. While he was grounded because of his wounds during the season, Brock Osweiler went 5-2, including victories over the then teams-to-beat (Number 2 & 3 seeds in the AFC) Patriots and Bengals. He completed 61.8 percent of his passes just shy of 2,000 yards and scored 10 touchdowns. Which means? The Bronco fans were quite happy with what they saw. They all knew that when Peyton bid farewell Brock was there to be the next franchise QB. Trouble is, they were wrong.


Perhaps this was fate giving the Broncos a slight kick in the horses’ behind. They benched Brock as soon as Peyton got healthy last year. Was that right? Actually, yes it was. But now Brock has decided to head for what he believes will be greener pastures, and the repercussions of that decision made just 48 hours after Manning announced his retirement, is causing Elway to scramble like he once did wearing his own Broncos’ jersey. Worse yet, the Broncos also lost three of their starters in free agency (so far) which means that number one defense of theirs may not be anywhere close to that when the new season begins.


Elway, the GM of the Broncos, knows there are certainly QB’s to choose from. But the one thing he wasn’t expecting when thinking about the draft was having to look for one. The basically unknown Trevor Siemian is the only QB left on the Broncos’ roster, and absolutely no one is giving the kid any credit. After all, he has one snap in the grand NFL and that was just to kneel down.


Elway came off as not being upset whatsoever, stating: “We’ve stayed true to our philosophy of building a team with players who want to be Denver Broncos.” He did go on to say that a contract was offered immediately to Brock that was long-term and more than fair, but Brock was given a far wealthier contract by the Texans who need a QB as much as the Browns need to come back from the “Johnny Football” fiasco.


Osweiler made $660,000 last year and Denver offered him about $16 million a year. ESPN reported that Brock’s new four-year deal with the Texans is worth $18 million, with $37 million of that guaranteed.


There are quite a few out there who believe that Elway should simply pick up the Redskins man RGIII who went from star to unknown because the coach basically disliked him, and he has far more to give. But the name “Kap” keeps coming up again and again instead. Colin is San Francisco’s franchise QB, or was until…something happened in the system and he fell out of the limelight. Kap is certainly a great QB, mega-tall and can scramble like Elway. Trouble is, he was suddenly told he had to just stand there in the pocket, no scrambling allowed, and he fell apart.


With Kap comes certain issues monetarily. Elway can enter the trade market for a QB rather than just pick one up for cash, and it is highly known across the board that San Fran wants Kap out and Kap has no desire to stay there for another season. Now, denials are fluctuating regarding that scenario but…it wouldn’t be a shock to see Kap don a Broncos’ jersey so he can at least prove that scrambling is an art form and not a hindrance.


Whatever happens, the reigning Super Bowl champions look to have a severe uphill battle if they believe they have even a chance of winning back-to-back. So congrats again goes to Peyton Manning; retiring on a championship and getting clear while the getting was good.

Source:  Baret News


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