Modern Design Gives Boaters More


Modern Design Gives Boaters More

By Ron Parker


Boat designs and materials have come a long way from the way boats were built a hundred years ago when framing and planking out of wood severely limited the shape of a boat. Now with fiberglass, Kevlar, Carbon Fiber, and other high tech composite materials boats can be built stronger, lighter and with more complex shapes. This means hull forms can be fine-tuned to create the best possible running surfaces. Superstructures, decks, cockpits, and cabin tops can be streamlined and configured to maximize amenities.


Aspen Power Catamarans has utilized modern design, tools, and materials to produce a unique type of vessel. Larry Graf the owner of Aspen has a long history of building and driving catamarans. Before he started Aspen, he was the founder of Glacier Bay Catamarans. He has also completed some major offshore feats including traversing the Bering Straits in a trailerable cat. Larry’s knowledge of catamaran capabilities, construction, and design lead him to develop and build a unique style of PROA catamaran.


A PROA has asymmetrical hulls, with each hull a different size and shape Larry figured out a way to make the hulls work together for maximum efficiency. This design allows a single engine mounted on the larger of the two hulls to drive the boat straightforward. The result is stability and performance you don’t see on monohull boats or other more traditional catamarans. In addition to the performance benefits, this design also maximizes accommodations meaning the vessels have a lot of usable space for the overall length of the boat.


Advanced construction techniques on Aspen Power Cats include double-bottom hulls with Kevlar reinforcement, collision bulkheads forward for offshore safety and a keel with an aperture that protects the propeller from grounding and debris. They are built to be tough and withstand ocean conditions while remaining light and efficient. Aspen models range from 28-40 feet and have cruising, fishing, and open configurations. Until recently all Aspen’s have been powered by a single diesel inboard but new models will now feature gas outboard power as an alternative.


All of the Aspen 28’ and 32’ models will be available with either inboard diesel or gas outboard power, and they offer the added versatility of being trailerable. Trailering a boat provides owners with more options. They can move their vessel quickly and efficiently by land and arrive at distant, sometimes exotic destinations that they might not otherwise be able to reach on the water. Owners can store their vessel on the trailer which saves money by avoiding slip fees, bottom paint and cleaning costs. While there are limitations to the size and type of boat that can be trailered modern designs like those of Aspen Power Cats allow substantial vessels to be trailered.


The Aspen C100 is easy to launch and retrieve and has a lot of amenities including a full galley, head with shower, sleeping for 3 in cabins, or 5 if you convert the dinette to a double bed. The C100 has a large cockpit for fishing or entertaining, a swim platform with boarding ladder and much more. She is equally easy to handle when waterborne with bow and stern thrusters that make maneuvering simply even for novice boaters. When equipped with a Volvo Penta D3 220hp diesel, the efficiency of the PROA design gives her a range of over 350 miles at a cruising speed of 18 knots. At trawler/trolling speeds with the optional 120 gallon fuel tank, she can travel 1650 miles on a fill.

Aspen Power Catamarans founder Larry Graf combined his knowledge of hydrodynamics and cat performance with modern design tools and materials to give boaters super-efficient hulls that can take them to remote destinations that other vessels can’t always access. They also keep their owners safe and comfortable while cruising even in severe conditions.


To see the latest Aspen Power Catamaran models and meet Larry Graf and his family come to the Anacortes Boat & Yacht Show. This new show is May 17-20 in Cap Sante marina, Anacortes, WA and is jointly produced by the Northwest Marine Trade Association (NMTA) and the Anacortes Chamber of Commerce. If you can’t make it to the show, you can learn more about this incredible PROA design technology and schedule a test drive or factory tour by Contacting Aspen directly.


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