Inexpensive Dream Vacations to be Found in “America the Beautiful”


Inexpensive Dream Vacations to be Found in “America the Beautiful”

by Amy Lignor

Say “dream vacation” and 80% of American’s minds journey to those ritzy areas, like Paris or Athens…they dream of touring the castles of London or dive into the magical history and culture of Ireland. But very few ever get the fact or remember, perhaps, that America the Beautiful is called that for a reason. There are a slew of perfect vacation spots in the good, old U.S. of A. that American, Dream Vacations, Travel, top vacation spots, must sees, road tripoffer everyone from the solo traveler to the newlyweds to the big families a ton of choices when it comes to finding a place to go for summer vacation. And even though we’re in July already, these places still offer fantastic sites, locales, hotels, restaurants – you name it – they can be booked right now, or driven to for a couple of weeks during the blazing heat of summertime. In fact, there are many of you who may already be living in some of these areas that simply need to go out the back door and enjoy!

Let’s take a look at some top vacation spots voted on by major travel organizations when it comes to exploring America by yourself or with the loved ones:

Believe it or not, on every list came Portland, Oregon. Here is a stunning scenic spot that offers top-ranked farmers’ markets, cafes that actually have fresh-caught salmon on their menus, and microbreweries that earned Portland number one spots on some of the travel “must-see” lists. Bike, hike, check out those waterfalls, or sit back on a large porch, have a microbrew and relax.

And while you’re up there, perhaps you want to drop by another favorite “top spot” – Seattle, Washington. Yes, when it comes to rating high in winter travel spots, Seattle doesn’t do well. The drizzle makes everything for winter lovers more than a little dismal. But, Seattle actually stays very drizzle-free in the summertime. Awesome parks in the city, awesome locales for football fans to visit, as well as hikers and flyers who would love to ride on those seaplanes and get a better look at the stunning Mount Rainier, Seattle has it all.

If doing this as a road trip, you can dip south a bit and head into Denver, Colorado with the family. The Mile High City is chock full of activities for children and adults. From the Underground Music Showcase to the Buffalo Bill Days where kids can have some fun in the Old West, Denver is definitely a city to see.

If dipping south is not your plan and you would rather go north before that snow blows in fierce, Anchorage, Alaska is a great place to see. You can watch the caribou, journey across glaciers, or board one of those fabulous cruise ships. Late August is the best time to visit (and the most inexpensive), and the pictures you’ll add to your memory photo album will be glorious.

Okay…you want to head into Yankee country and see that beautiful New England before the leaves turn a million colors or the snow starts to cover the landscape. Well, if you are drooling just thinking about awesome lobster, Portland, Maine is a fantastic place to dine. In fact, you’ll never want to stop eating. And when the stomach is full and exercise needs to be had, kayaking or shopping as you stroll down cobblestones streets in the Old Port are two ways out of a hundred to lose the pounds (between lunch and the dinner of lobster you know you’ll have!)

Other “must-sees” in New England include Providence, Rhode Island – where the summer evenings are brightly lit by the small bonfires called, Waterfire. The hamburgers rock and the coffee is beyond excellent. Also, if looking for history, “Beantown” Boston is always there for Red Sox fans dying to see the game, food lovers who are dying to eat oysters, and history loons who want nothing more than to walk the Freedom Trail and explore Boston Harbor and a Liberty Fleet ship.

Now, there is one place in the desert – a word that sounds odd when speaking about already being in the intense heat of July – that is not too tough to handle. It is also historic, beautiful and, unlike most desert communities, offers trees galore. Santa Fe, New Mexico is the location, and from music festivals to Indian art to needing peace and quiet while sitting in truly reverent beauty, Santa Fe is definitely the desert-lovers choice.

So, book now or get into that station wagon and head across America (in one direction or another) to have a ball in the U.S.A.!

Source:  Baret News


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