Fishing Eddies Patrick Walters

Yamaha Pro Fishing presents a great video, “Find Eddies,” with Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters.” This is an excellent video for anglers to recognize a solid fishing opportunity while on the river using the current to your advantage to yield more strikes.

Within rivers, the fishing the current or better the lack of current is a key to targeting bass. Find areas such a bridge with pilings and other areas that create an eddy in the current. Fish face upstream in these eddies just waiting for a “meal” to come by without spending a lot of energy fighting the current. The right bait and a proper cast will bring you big bites!

In this video, Yamaha Pro Patrick Walters shares some insights, strategies, and techniques to fish eddies. Give it a try the next time you are on the river chasing bucket-mouths!

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