Artome’s Virtual Art Shows Reign During Pandemic for School Art Programs


By Amy Lignor

An excellent program for students, teachers, and parents!


It’s never a surprise to educators when they learn that the Artomé has shown for 15 years that they are “stars” for helping schools raise money for art education and continue to do new creative things to provide a safe art show for schools fundraiser programs.


Explore the Artome Virtual Art Show today!


Artomé introduced another idea that turned out to be yet another winner. The Artomé Virtual Art Shows have become the perfect solution to how schools can continue to raise funds during this most difficult time. The Virtual Art Show process is growing more successful each and every day. Both teachers and students love it because it provides a perfect outlet to raise funds and allows the students to be creatively involved in a fantastic project.

Artomé’s new Virtual Art Shows continue to bring students’ artwork to life. It is a great event and, by being a “virtual” show, everyone in the community can participate safely. Parents, friends, neighbors, everyone can feast their eyes on and purchase the masterpieces created by their students.  The virtual gallery is easily accessible and has brought even more people into the folds of the Artomé family as people rave about these events all over the internet. Art shows are for schools and students only.


The praise is never-ending. Art teachers across the country sound just like Emily Pfaff (Bridle Ridge Elementary, Raymore, MO): “I love how every child gets to view their artwork framed. With COVID-19, it was disheartening that we were not able to have the art show. But after contacting Artomé, I found out that they would be offering an online art show. We decided to do just that, and…it was a hit! Parents loved being able to view their child’s art virtually and have the chance to purchase it. As an art teacher, I appreciated how streamlined the process was. The company took care of all the work. I love Artomé and will continue to use them for my art shows.”


Artome's Virtual Art Shows Reign During Pandemic for School Art Programs

 Teachers and art students love the new Artome Virtual Art Show


In light of the pandemic, Artomé knew it was more important than ever before to create, display, and share the artwork of students in the safest way possible. Putting their years of expertise and skill into this project, Artomé found a way to continue to provide communities with all the talent and experience they possess while at the same time ensuring a secure, healthy, safe approach for you to raise funds for your school’s programs.

Because Artomé manufactures every frame, cuts every mat, and frames every piece of art in their

own manufacturing facility, generating professional frames and are cost-efficient school

proceeds can be used to benefit art education and students. Giving every student an original, professionally framed piece of artwork for the show, the school is also provided with marketing supplies to spread the word about the event. Artomé then creates and displays all works in an easily accessible Virtual Art Gallery that one and all can view and purchase from. In other words, Artomé never stops helping the school to achieve 100% success.

The process is simple, which is why Artomé is already reminding schools to book their dates for the 2021 year as soon as possible. By doing this, you will keep your student’s creativity flowing and keep them delighted during these challenging times. Friends and families will also have a ball being able to view the Virtual Gallery and be proud to aid their local school from the comfort and safety of their very own home.


Team up with Artomé today. Call 770.664.8330 OR email this talented crew at info@Artomé.com.


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