Artome’s “Virtual Art Show” is perfect for a safe school fundraiser


By Amy Lignor


Book Your School’s 2021 Artomé Virtual Art Show Today


Time moves fast, and 2020 has been filled with changes to our normal schedules due to the pandemic, especially in the realm of our children’s education, including art. But Artome has developed their all-new “Virtual Art Show” for these trying times, and schools across the country have made sure to keep their ultimate fundraising ‘art partner’ by their side.

Artome’s Virtual Art Show is a safe way for schools to host an art show fundraiser!


Artomé is an experienced company that transformed so that schools can safely provide their students a major creative outlet for their ideas, provide parents, friends, and family the chance at purchasing a brilliant piece of work made especially by their young artists and continue with a fantastic art fundraising program to further art education. The Artome “Virtual Art Show” continues to be a huge success!

With over 15 years of experience behind them, Artomé helps schools put on an art show that increases students’ self-esteem and grows their imaginations, while parents beam with pride as they look upon their child’s one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Each student’s original creation is turned into a professionally framed piece of artwork by the company. The school is provided with marketing supplies to spread the word about this super-cool “virtual” event. That is right: Virtual. By adapting to these difficult times, Artome’s new Virtual Art Shows have become the best and safest way to conduct your fundraising mission. Art shows are not public, but for schools, students, and families of students only.

Now, more than ever, the need is greater for educators to find new ways to plan events that will raise money while keeping everyone involved safe. Artomé Art Shows have always been a way to do this, earning “5-star” reviews and praise galore from the schools across the country that have worked with them. Now, by going “virtual,” Artomé is still the company all can turn to in order to generate those much-needed funds to support every school’s art program needs.

Artome’s “Virtual Art Show” is perfect for a safe school fundraiser Book Your School’s 2021 Artomé Virtual Art Show Today

Artome’s Virtual Art Show is easy!

They have also made it incredibly easy to jump aboard their amazing ship of ideas to get started! By visiting today, you can check out the Art Gallery provided there and watch the videos that take you through the Artomé process of putting together the event that will help you achieve absolute success. The steps are easy to follow, understand, and fun for the students! Everyone involved in the event will be happy.

Now is the time to check out the program, see the perfect set-up for your Virtual Art Show, and make sure your booking is scheduled right away for the 2021 calendar. With the popularity of these events continuing to grow each and every day, you don’t want to wait too long to get your school “booked” in order to utilize these well-known professionals to help you achieve all your goals.

Actively booking your date for one of these popular art shows will play a significant part in your 2021-2022 schedule. But keep in mind…these dates are filling up fast, so call them at 770-664-8330 or email them at info@Artomé.com today!


Happy Holidays from Artomé.


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