Hooters Grand Opening Features Toys For Tots Drive

Hooters of Hattiesburg, MS will open its doors to the public at 11 AM on December 10th, followed by a ribbon cutting celebration on Monday, December 13th.

Naked Man Caught in Church Says He Was Capturing Spirits

A man that was spotted butt-naked in a Picayune church cemetery on Monday says he was trying to photograph ghosts.

Local Business Owner Gets Prison for Pot Bust

A local trucking company owner is on his way to the joint after being sentenced as a result of drug charges earlier this year.

Sex Offender’s Appeal Fails, Gets 15 Years

A perverted old man had his appeal of convictions of having sex with minors denied today.

Johnny McCullough, 65 of Blue Springs, was unable to avoid a conviction of 15 years in prison to think about his two counts of gratification of lust. Five other counts were dropped.

Mysterious Airplane Symbols on Highways

The airplane symbols that people see on highways across Mississippi are there for a reason that not many people are aware of.

The marks are there to clock your speed, countering popular belief that the roads adorned with the logos are emergency landing areas. Police aircraft hover above and use radar guns to clock your average speed between two of the symbols, which are usually a mile apart.

Tupelo Mayor Among Others Meeting to Curb Obesity

Today and tomorrow, the Foundation for the Mid South and the National League of Cities (NLC) will host mayors from 19 cities and towns in Mississippi, Arkansas, and Louisiana at the King Edward Hotel to focus on reducing childhood obesity in their communities.

The Municipal Leadership for Healthy Southern Cities project, which is sponsored by the NLC’s Institute for Youth, Education and Families, helps municipal leaders use their leadership positions to more effectively influence policy to improve community health. Specifically, efforts in the 19 communities will focus on increasing residents’ access to recreational opportunities and fresh, nutritious foods. The project is supported by Leadership for Healthy Communities, a national program of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Historic Jail Vandalized Again

One of the oldest and most well-preserved buildings in Monroe county has been defaced at the hands of a vandal.

The doors were kicked in and many of the windows of the antiquated Athens Jail were broken sometime overnight. From 1830 to 1849, the jail stood as the county seat, and has had over $100,000 pumped into it to keep it preserved.

For these reasons, local authorities are striving to find those responsible. The guilty party will be charged with burglary of a building and felony malicious mischief. If convicted, they could face up to twelve years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000.

Local Man Shot in Leg During Verbal War

An altercation at an Itawamba home led to a man being shot in the leg Monday morning.

A man and his ex-girlfriend were fighting, a fight in which the man was threatening the woman’s life verbally. He began to advance towards the woman and her son, at which point the son pulled out a gun and fired once into the air to warn the impending man. The warning wasn’t enough, as the man continued to threateningly walk towards the two. The son then shot the man in the leg, crippling him.

Convicted Murderer Avoids Death Penalty

A convicted murderer is possibly breathing a sigh of relief as the Mississippi Supreme Court has called for a new hearing to sentence Kristi Fulgham for capital murder.

A jury found her guilty of the aforementioned crime for shooting her husband, Joey Fulgham to death back in May of 2003. Her half-brother, 13 at the time, was also convicted of murder and sentenced to 53 years in prison.

Train Derails in MS, Chemicals Leaked

A freight train lugging 110 cars derailed while traveling through Hamilton, MS at around 9 am Monday morning.

In all, two of the lead locomotives and 13 cars left the tracks around Hollivay Road. The main concern with the derailment was the three cars that were transporting hydrogen peroxide, which warranted the call of hazardous material teams from Columbus.Upon investigating the wreckage, they found only two cars to be leaking the substance.