Steel Cut Oatmeal And Fruit: A Hearty-Healthy Breakfast

Steel Cut Oatmeal And Fruit: A Hearty-Healthy Breakfast

~ By Richard Hudson

Quaker Steel Cut Oatmeal is a natural whole grain cereal. The oats are cut, not rolled. There are other brands of steel cut oats, but I’m used to the Quaker variety. It is relatively higher in fiber and protein content when compared to carbohydrate in most Bowl_of_dry_steel-cut_oats_with_full_spoonwhole grain cereals. The low carbohydrate content makes it attractive for most calorie counters even while counting calories is something we should do less and less. Just eat relatively more fruits and vegetables and, indeed, whole grains. While you are at it, stay away from processed food, particularly the kind with ingredients listed on the package your nine-year old child can’t pronounce.

Steel cut oatmeal is condensed and will expand into relatively more water than you are used to if you eat old-fashioned or quick-cooked rolled oats. You’ll need just one-quarter cup of steel cut oats with one and three-quarter cups of water. I much prefer to use water over milk (which can also be used) because the mixture has to be boiled and then simmered for 20-25 minutes under low heat.

Once the oats are cooked they are poured over a selection of fruit in a small bowl. I often use a half of a banana, a kiwi, a handful of berries (mostly blueberries) and a cut-up pineapple spear. The kiwi and berries add antioxidants while the pineapple and banana imparts a really good taste. All of the fruit adds to the flavor of the oatmeal-fruit mixture. No milk is added.

The oatmeal has a great rich and nutty flavor and needs little else, but you can add a handful of sliced almonds or walnuts for good measure. If that’s not enough, you can sprinkle a half teaspoon of brown sugar over the freshly poured oatmeal and add a little butter prior to that as well. The brown sugar and the butter may, in the minds of some, defeat the purpose of a whole grain cereal with less fat and carbohydrate, especially because you’ll get more than enough carbohydrate from the fruit mixture which also adds fiber and antioxidants. But, if you get a lot of exercise and you’re all into what I’m proposing then go all the way and add a drizzle of raw honey over the brown sugar, some raisins and prunes or figs and go for it. You can also add the raisins and prunes a few minutes before the steel. It oats are finished cooking and otherwise finish off preparing the dish as noted above.

You can also add milk, even though I don’t recommend cooking the oatmeal in milk. For my taste the fruit mixture and added almonds are just right.

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