Nerium Live Better Bonuses Doubled. $50K CASH BONUS!

Nerium Live Better Bonuses Doubled.  $50K CASH BONUS!

~ Betsy Smith

And this month I earned it!!  The best part is the TEAM effort that it took.  It is not about me…but about our whole team working together.


Who does that?  What company these days puts MORE money back in your pocket?  Nerium does.  At just over 2 years old, Nerium has made changes to its compensation a few times during my stint and each time it is to pay us more.


Even so, this latest move had me shocked speechless!  At our Nerium convention in April the following bonus changes were announced.  There was almost complete silence before the eruption of excitement.  It was almost unfathomable.


Now anyone working their way through the comp plan has the chance to earn and EXTRA $3 million on top of the already generous compensation.  Called a Live Better bonus, this one truly is a life changer.


New Nerium Bonuses

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Work at Home for a $41,000 Bonus a Month? Yes, with Nerium!


When Nerium launched our Live Better Bonus (LBB) in 2012, the industry went nuts: “You’re crazy! A $25,000 bonus? Wait, wait – a $100,000 bonus? No way!” We followed through and changed many lives… but we want to help people live better.  An extra $25,000 a year is pretty great, and an extra $100,000 is greater. But we’re Nerium. We want better. Even better than that.
There are people who attended Get Real 2014 thrilled with the fact that they had earned their $25,000 Live Better Bonus with Nerium. Imagine their astonishment to learn that, instead of a $25,000 bonus, Nerium has rewarded them with a $50,000 Live Better Bonus! And it only gets better from there:
Live better bonus

What kind of difference can you create when you earn your Live Better Bonus?

What an exciting time to be part of the Nerium family!

For more info contact Betsy Smith.  847-431-3536. 


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