Intrigue Galore is the Ticket in Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard

Intrigue Galore is the Ticket in Blind Trust by Sandra Orchard

~ Book Review by Amy Lignor

This is the second unique book in a trilogy that focuses on the life of Kate Adams, a research scientist working with herbs.
18637162For those readers who missed out on the first, Kate knows which herbs are poisonous and which are not; she also knows some can go completely undetected during an autopsy. In the beginning, Kate starts to snoop around, and her amateur ways end up getting her into a great deal of trouble.


Kate, and her colleague, Daisy, are working toward a medical break for treating depression with herbal medicine when Daisy suddenly dies. Although her death is judged as a suicide, Kate is bound and determined to find out the truth.


Former FBI Agent Tom Parker is in Port Aster, and has just started with the local police force when Kate asks him to reopen the investigation into Daisy’s death. Tom is torn: he has a yen for Kate, but he also has an idea that Kate had a hand in Daisy’s death.


Here, we catch up with Kate as she heads to the grocery to buy food for her elderly neighbor and is almost arrested for trying to pass counterfeit bills. This odd circumstance propels her into the middle of yet another one of Tom Parker’s investigations. It seems that there has been a rash of ‘funny money’ used in Port Aster, and Kate is now determined to prove that her neighbor is innocent of any wrong-doing.


She falls into a bit of intrigue that is far more sinister than any small time counterfeit ring. Her budding romance with Tom is suddenly on the rocks, as they come close  to unearthing a conspiracy that unveils secrets Kate may not be able to forgive.


Thus far, this trilogy has been cleverly plotted, with both Kate and Tom becoming characters that readers want to see more of. Chin up! There will soon be another, perhaps an unforgettable finale, for everyone to salivate over.


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