A small slice of the educational and entertaining summer camp for future thespians!

In July, 2013, at UC Irvine, this fantastic opportunity allows actors to embrace the art of theater. The U.S. Performing Arts Theatre Summer Camp offers various activities and intensive training in the craft of acting. Theater games, opening the door to understanding the work of dramatic icons, such as Shakespeare, as well as learning improvisational […]

Original Art Note Cards by Artist Spencer Simons

  These cards are printed on Acid Free Paper. Cards are on 5″ x 7″ Stock. They are created from original watercolor paintings by Montana Artist Spencer Simons. The purchase original pieces of art or prins, please visit http://spencersimons.com.          

Mythica: 30 Day Bodypainting Challenge

An international art page on Facebook approached me about posting my artwork for 30 days. I looked at the other bodypainting works on their page and it is all stunning, top notch. The hair, makeup, and photography are pretty professional. Several of the artists are personal heroes and mentors of mine. It meant that I […]