A Hunter is Center Stage Once More in The Catch by Taylor Stevens

A Hunter is Center Stage Once More in The Catch by Taylor Stevens

Book Review by Amy Lignor

Vanessa Michael Monroe is known as a bit of a chameleon. She is a definite hunter who has built her reputation on getting things done, whether it be dangerous things, or shady deals in the legal realm, Vanessa knows what it takes to succeed.
18691024Usually on the go and traveling near and far, Vanessa behaves much like a man, especially when she heads into countries that don’t exactly hold women in the highest esteem. She is not your regular ‘information getter’ and has learned her list of survival skills the hard way, then uses those skills to get information out of terrorists and kidnappers.


In this, Book 4, featuring Vanessa, she shows up in Africa to keep away from the man she loves. She is frightened that the violence she gets into will eventually cause him harm. Joining a security team aboard a ship traveling through the waters of Somalia, the home of many pirates, Vanessa is faced with an actual pirate attack and is called into action.


Most of the action is told within the confines of Monroe’s head as, early on, she’s injured in a fight. Needing to out-think several groups, including, Russians, Somalians and Kenyans, her intelligence is almost on the level of ‘X-Men’ superpowers. Speaking more than a dozen languages, and being able to learn new ones in only a matter of weeks, Vanessa can play people and entire countries against each other while never being more than one step away from the action at all times.


This writer is fabulous and the characterizations are thrilling. Although a true suspense novel where nothing should be revealed in a review, let us just say that there is nothing sentimental or flowery going on here. You get what you see, and that includes the cleverness, the grit, and the pain. A definite keeper!!


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